Why Safe Ways to School?

Safe Ways to School Vision

"We believe all children should have safe, healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives to get to and from school, and that the school community can be powerful partners in co-designing this".

Statistics show a decline in children walking and cycling to school, while at the same time child obesity rates and school traffic congestion is on the rise. 

Safe Ways to School begain in 2017 as a community led initiative to investigate the decline. Parents are key to getting more kids on bikes, so we asked parents to tell us what could be done to reverse these trends. Safe Ways to School uses a survey and interactive online map to understand the challenges faced by parents and children. It overlays actual NZTA injury data for active transport with student's surveyed experience of accidents and near misses. The work results in community insight that can help prioritise 'hot spots' for likely accidents, whilst tackling the behavioural and physical barriers associated with active transport. 

To date our work has consistently shown most parents use the car, but most parents also want thier children to walk or ride. By supporting parents we can help facilitate behaviour change for kiwi kids. Safe Ways to School provides schools with tangible actions and tools to help make active transport a more convenient choice for parents, while providing local councils with map based community insight to target infrastructure improvements, making active transport safer.  

Our projects consistently have high engagement with parents, gathering 1000s of positive and constructive comments that once analysed provide valuable community insight. Safe Ways to School works to provide parents and children (our most vulnerable of road users) a collective voice that may not otherwise be heard through traditional consultation methods to design a School Commuter Network that works for the schools, towns and cities of New Zealand.

Together we can help make active transport more convenient for parents and safer for children, reversing the decline by encouraging more children to walk and cycle more often.

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