What if you could see where communities think and what they experience?

Road safety is a major reason why kiwi kids don't walk or cycle to school.

Communities can help us reverse this decline.

Safe Routes

School communities can help us co-design infrastructure that changes behaviour and reverses the decline of kids on bikes. We work with councils and school communities using an online interactive map, then analyse community insights to show council's where to invest in safety improvements.  To learn more, click HERE.

Safe Travel Plans

We work with schools to help reduce congestion at school gates and promote active transport through a Safe Travel Plan. We provide tools to help schools communicate with parents, eg identifying Park n Walk options, Walking School Bus and Cycle Trains meeting points, parent Walk n Ride Leaders, Car Pooling and Bus Stops. To learn more, click HERE.

Road Safety Education

Riding a bike and road safely is a life skill like swimming. We connect schools and parents with in-school education resources such as Bikes in Schools and Bike Ready. These initiatives give all children equal opportunity to learn bike handling and road safety skills preparing them to become future young drivers. To learn more, click HERE.

Safety Skills Practice

Parents really are the key to getting more kids on bikes. Parents and children tell us they want to walk and ride to school, but up to 88% use the car instead, resulting in a decline of kiwi kids using active transport options. We connect schools and parents with the support they need to reinforce the daily practice of children's bike handling and road safety skills outside the classroom. To learn more, click HERE.

Safe Ways To School Pilot - Cambridge Primary 2017